Telegraphic, Teletype, Decoders for digital modes

(not yet completely documented)

What Technical details Manuals  Remarks Inv.Nr. Where
AEA MM-3 "Morse Machine" Versatile computer controlled and programmable telegraph aid, mainly for repetitive messages, or as keyer Original family TT0001000 ga
AEA PK-232 "Pakratt" Packet radio controller Original family TT0001400 cw
AEA PK-232 "Pakratt" Packet radio controller Original family TT0001400 sh1
Bencher Paddle black Iambic keyer with electronics, runing on 9V battery   mad TT0002000 2um
Bencher Paddle polished Classic iambic paddle   family TT0003000 ga
Brass key 1 Straight brass key, no inscriptions   family TT0004000  
Brass key 2 Straight brass key, no inscriptions   family TT0005000  
Brass key 3 Straight brass key, no inscriptions   family TT0006000  
BRELCO CAQZ BRELCO straight key   fried TT0007000 ga
CMI key CMI straight key   family TT0008000 ga
CX9AAB Home made Curtis keyer   cx9aab TT0009000 sh1
Czech Key Czech classic desk key   fried TT0010000 Kre_sh1
East German Junkers copy with cover Classic morse key   ri TT0011000 pre_ft450
E.F.Johnson 114-320 straight key E.F.Johnson 114-320 transmitting key in original box   fried TT0012000 ga
ETM-3 German Made Automatic Keyer   Kess TT0013000 sh1
FC1GYO Modem Modem for connecting the transceiver to a computer   FC1GYO TT0013500 pr
Hallicrafters HA-1 Automatic Keyer with built-in power supply   DL TT0014000 ga
HAL FYO paddle The famous Joe Hill paddle from 1976 or 1977, manufactured by HAL   flm TT0015000 sh1
HB9APB home made paddle half automatic paddle, very well done   HB9APB TT0016000 vor
HB9CUY keyer HB9CUY homemade keyer   HB9CUY TT0017000 sh2
Heathkit HD-8999 Sends morse code from a computer-like keyboard Original ase TT0018000 sh1
Hi-Mound Iambic keyer without electronics   HB9CUY TT0019000 sh1_IC765
Junkers Classic key Classic morse key for connection to Zellweger BG-430 (SE-430 set)   kari TT0019500 680
Junkers with cover Classic morse key   Lo6K39 TT0020000 sh1
Junkers without cover Classic morse key   ri TT0021000 sh1_T-368
Kleinschmidt TT76 teletypewriter with paper reel transmitter   unknown TT0022000 lerch->hcw
OE6WU Keyer homemade automatic Keyer   OE6WU TT0023000 sh1
Siemens telex machine   family TT0024000 bi
Unknown maker Teletypewriter with paper reel transmitter   bh TT0025000 pr
Vibroplex Iambic Gold plated iambic paddle   day TT0026000 ga
Vibroplex Bug Semi-automatic mechanical keyer: "The bug"   fried TT0027000 sh1
Westinghouse Telegraph break-in relay (used to "break in", i.e. interrupt the sender for clarification or other purpose)   neu TT0028000 tr
WW2 Morse Trainer Morse buzzer for code practice   family TT0029000 ga

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